I may not have had a big bump,

I did not get an official due date,

You may not have seen my tears,

Indeed, you may have even forgotten.

You may think that I’m okay,

That I’m coping well or whatever,

You may not think of my babies often,

But I do.

Every day in fact.

I still sob for them sometimes,

I remember their due dates,

I always will.

I feel our bond still beating through my veins,

I hope it never goes away.

For the day it does is the day I die,

But until then,

Please remember that I cry.

Remember that I’ve been scared,

Remember that I’ve been brave,

Remember that I’ll carry this hurt,

All the way to the grave.


  1. This is beautiful, and so incredibly true for me as well.
    In addition to carrying the hurt, I hope you also find space to carry the memories, the hope and the love. Some days, I find that I have to remind myself that there was more to their little lives then just hurt. And I hope one day I’ll be strong enough to remember the moments of happiness, and love without forcefully reminding myself.

    1. Thank you. I like the re-frame – I needed to hear that and remember the love that was there. Sometimes it’s too easy to focus on the hurt and forget the good stuff, no matter how brief it was.

  2. Think often of the past but try not to dwell on it. Think often of the future and go for it. Don’t try to forget just try not to regret. Sometimes we win and also we lose, the taking part in life we sometimes don’t get to choose. But remember one thing to keep in your heart ,if you can learn to have love in your life then that’s a start? Love always dad xxx p.s. I remember them and I cry xxxxx

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