Hi everyone! I’ve received a few messages from people asking if I was still continuing to blog. Some were like “ARE YOU ALIVE?”, others were more on the lines of “I need some light entertainment when I’m hiding in the bathroom from my children”.

It’s not that I’ve been avoiding blogging, it’s simply that I’ve not had the time. And yes, I am the same as you thinking “seriously dude, it takes you like, what, ten minutes to fill us in on what you’ve been up to?”. Well, normally I’d agree with you but I’ve been working my not-so-tiny tush off on my photography business. It’s going well, slow and steady, which is awesome. I’ve already had clients and have some more sessions coming up. It’s been exciting, nerve-wracking, tiring and energising all at once. Like all small business owners could say, I’ve learned – and continue to learn – SO MUCH!

I’ve definitely had my moments of self doubt but largely it’s been amazing for my outlook on life and self confidence. It’s really helped my identity, not only as a creative but as someone contributing to the household financially. Maybe it’s a generational thing, but I was raised in a household where both parents worked and that’s influenced my whole life. Even if Hubby earned a million dollars a year or we won the lottery, I’d still want to do this. I’m actually really genuinely loving it.


In May we had all of Little Red’s big medical appointments. Good news is, her spine hasn’t changed in the way that would cause the need for immediate surgery. So, again, we wait another six months to check on things. We won’t know the outcome of her spine – as in, will she or won’t she need intervention – until she has finished growing.

Slightly scary news is that, after meeting with our much trusted pediatrician, we’ve decided to go ahead with the genetic testing. As I wrote before, bringing Copperhead into the equation, firstly to check if they were identical (I’m 99% certain they’re not because I remember ovulating twice), and then to run a full genetic screen on her AS WELL was overwhelming. Keeping her out of it for the time being was something our pediatrician agreed with – actually advocated for. However, he reasoned that since LR had already been affected by her current diagnoses that results from a genetic screen wasn’t really going to change anything for her. For example, if she decided to apply to be a pilot, then her existing Duane Syndrome would already be noted. Looking for an umbrella disorder that combines everything doesn’t change the individual ailments she has.

Another plus is that if LR has something that we know might lead to liver issues or something then we can obviously be on the lookout and know how to treat it. It’s just frightening to… I don’t know, get another label. Another thing that might be able to dictate the future somehow.

So, yeah. While it kinda’ seems like not a lot has been happening when I look back it’s been a pretty huge month. I feel like I haven’t even mentioned half the stuff!!

I have to go as the Witching Hour screaming has started. I hope you’re all well and I’ll write again soon.

K x

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