As you guys know, Little Red wears orthotics in her shoes. They are to help her spasticity and hypontonia (in basic terms, her Cerebral Palsy type symptoms). They really do work wonders for her gait. We see a big difference in how she walks when she has them in her shoes. The downside is that she is unable to wear items like sandals, soft boots or shoes without proper structure and a certain hardness, especially around the heels. I’ve detailed more about it all which you can read by clicking here.


Buying Copperhead a pair of pink, glittery jelly sandals a few weeks ago unexpectedly created a bit of a down moment for me. I could see Baby Bear eyeing them up too and it broke my heart to not be able to get her a pair. Instead I got them both a pair of bright turquoise croc-types for the beach and pool. Both activities obviously have short time frames where she’d actually be wearing them.

I know I probably shouldn’t complain or even voice how surprisingly confronting buying specific shoes for LR is. There are people out there who haven’t got the opportunity, but would simply love to have a baby to clothe in anything. There are parents who are dealing with so many more challenges that a pair of shoes wouldn’t even be on their radar. I bet I sound like a right sucky-la-la when I say the fact I can’t get Little Red a pair of jelly sandals like her sister bothers me. I know she’ll want a pair and she’ll one day express that not having the same upsets her. I know it’ll be hard asking her to wear big clunky trainers in summer while the other kids run barefoot. I suppose I’m waiting for the future conversation where she asks “but why can’t I have the same?”.

I guess if we get to the crux of it, it bothers me because I’ve had to treat her differently and that’s only going to continue.


Our physiotherapist said it’s really fortunate that LR is a twin, because Copperhead challenges her and that’s probably a big reason as to why she’s hit developmental milestones. My girls are individuals, obviously. But we can also see how much they need each other.

C is clearly the leader, while LR is much more passive. They compliment each other and play well together. At the moment they come as a pair and I notice how they gravitate to one another. They want to dress the same sometimes, but footwear is an area where they can’t always.


Lately I’ve only been able to find big clunky trainers in boring or muted colours. The dressier stuff is all pretty much unsuitable. Then I found these:

According to Katie LITTLE RED'S NEW SHOES FIT FOR A PRINCESS! (Child Orthotics)

According to Katie LITTLE RED'S NEW SHOES FIT FOR A PRINCESS! (Child Orthotics)

Little Red was in love as soon as she saw them and she insisted I put them on her immediately. She then refused to take them off, which meant she stayed in her pyjama’s for a morning and I then sneakily put her orthotics in during nap time!

According to Katie LITTLE RED'S NEW SHOES FIT FOR A PRINCESS! (Child Orthotics)

They’re absolutely perfect. Really hard and structured around the heel and sides of the feet. Pink and glittery for my girly girl. Velcro for ease and very good soles. They cost $17 which is awesome and best of all? My Baby Bear absolutely LOVES them.

Being able to find her something so perfect really made my life easier – both practically and mentally.

K x

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Shoes purchased from KMART




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