So here I am again, about to tell you guys something else when we were thinking it would all be a quick fix. Ha! A quick fix. I’m so naive. Where do I even begin? *sigh*


As you know, Little Red had her hearing test while Michael was working in America. This was at the request of our ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat specialist) who advised us back in November that she had around 40% hearing loss but that it was probably down to fluid. He mentioned that grommets would most likely be the answer and that he wasn’t worried.

On a side note, back then he also said he couldn’t hear LR’s hoarse voice. To his credit, she didn’t sound hoarse in the appointment so I think it was a fair judgment. However, after seeing her last week he said he can hear what we’re talking about and confirmed that she does indeed have a hoarse voice. Since it’s not urgent, but still something to consider, he’s just made a note of it for now.

What the ENT did say, is that he is concerned about the results because they show a Reverse Slope Loss (aka Ski Slope Loss or Low Frequency Loss). What this means is that she can hear at certain levels but not others. The reason it would be “progressive” is due to the fact it appears to be getting worse. LR’s initial hearing test as a newborn was fine, but since then we are steadily seeing a decline.


No. They won’t. Grommets are to help the ear drain fluid (or something to that effect). As of last week, LR’s right ear had no fluid in it. To put it simply, they won’t help her because she doesn’t need them.

However, what she may need at some point in the future is a cochlear implant. I know! Hasn’t it just escalated completely?!

The plan is to repeat the hearing test ASAP. Our ENT actually called the place who does them during the appointment because it’s so urgent. To give you some perspective, their wait list is around six months long. So, we repeat the test. If it shows the same or similar then we know she wasn’t just being difficult and ignoring the sounds! He wants the results faxed to him and then we see him immediately after. I guess, then we’ll take it from there.


I feel a bit numb today. Again, I’m saying this because it’s the internet, it’s not because I have anything against hearing loss or anything like that, it just feels like we get one step closer and then knocked two steps back. The unknown is hard. Or at least, I’m finding it hard. Since this could be progressive it raises other questions. Like we are still no closer to a diagnosis, if there ever is one, and who knows what else could be thrown at her?

Does she have a genetic issue that combines everything? Or is it just Little Red Syndrome? I have no fudging idea and I feel quite helpless because of that.

Part of me feels like I let her down. You know, it was my responsibility to grow her and…


It’s just been a tough week.

K x


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