I’ve been feeling a little stressed and anxious lately. We have a few medical things coming up for the girls, Fen in particular. I was involved in a minor fender bender at the weekend and then we’re still trying to unpack and sort the house out.

Today it all got to me. I woke up wanting to desperately stay in bed. Please, please can’t The Mothership just look after everything today? Can’t Hubby stay home? We can reschedule the ultrasound scans the girls have and put it off for another week…

But no. Duty comes calling.

I came out to the living room, Little Man hand deep in a bowl of dry Cheerios, Oscar greeting me and said a quick hello and goodbye to my husband as he left for work.

Just as I start making sure I’ve packed the boys school (daycare) bag and getting the girls bottles ready, Fen starts crying. I go to get her, a crushing and exhausted feeling in my chest. I walk around with her a bit, she settles quick and easy but I know if I put her down she’ll start again. Oh well, no choice as LM wants toast and I need to fix my breakfast too. I put her in the bouncy chair and she starts to whinge. I walk away thinking I’ll get done what I need to do as quickly as possible so I can pick her up again.

She continues to get louder and louder until the happy gurgling I hear sounds like she’s settled. I turn around and see Little Man, patiently rocking his baby sister in her chair, playfully moving his hands to entertain her and both are clearly loving every minute of it.

He showed patience and resilience when I was fearful I didn’t have any. The way he just instinctively helped made my heart dance. He simply got on with it and seeing me come over with his toast he just got up and continued with his morning. It was no biggie to him.

The overwhelmed feelings disappeared with that one act. I smiled from ear to ear, finally ready to start the day. K x


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