Breastfeeding is hard. As someone who has experienced the lower milk supply side effect due to PCOS before, I made my decision early to get what I could then be happy with formula feeding. As long as my babes are eating then that’s what matters, right?

However, seeing my babies in NICU and knowing that ‘breast is best’ I have made it a mission to get them every last drop of the good stuff. Cue the medication, being milked by various midwives and now three-hourly by Hubby. The babes are still being formula fed and that’s okay too.

As we excitedly watched the syringe increase each time from .2ml, then to half a mil then an actual FULL mil my motivation increased. Talking in such tiny amounts really puts into perspective how valuable this stuff is. They don’t call it Liquid Gold for nothing AND the girls are enjoying it – especially the swab that is periodically given for them to suck on.

Yesterday I got just over 2.5ml and was so proud of myself I took a photo and sent it Hubby. Later that day, as I carefully carried my offerings to NICU, I smiled with the same enthusiasm as parents on Christmas morning watching their kids open presents. I told my girls that I’d brought them dinner and, helping with the physical stuff aside, simply hoped they would feel the absolute love from their Mummy knowing I’d made it especially for them. K x



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