The dreaded lurgy seems to be upon our house. Although as I write this I can hear both laughing and tantrums coming from the kids upstairs. Not a good sign considering the terrible night Michael, Copperhead and I have had.

Let me rewind for a moment…

The week before last, Little Red had Roseola. It’s sudden high temps followed by a rash around 3-5 days later. None of the other kids got it so it’s all still a big mystery as to where she actually caught it. No worries, though. We just put it behind us and kept on keeping on.

Now, Thursday’s can be a bit frantic for me. Basically I run around like a maniac, getting bags packed, lunches made, changing the girls (aka wrestling with the freakishly strong octopus that is Copperhead for twenty minutes) before rushing out the door to take Little Man swimming. Sometimes we head to the shops where I’ll inevitably spend most of my time in the parents room because my children like to poo in unison. Or, as in last Thursday, we had a park play date planned.


So, on Thursday, just as I’d got C all dressed (which can seriously take a while due to her, ahem, natural defense mechanism of trying to eye gouge me while I change her dirty nappy), LM declared he’d just vomited. It’s in the carpeted hallway but the puddle had narrowly missed my prized Mimco bag. Thank goodness for small mercies and priorities, amiright?

I told him to get in the shower and promptly put C in her cot, where she proceeded to scream the house down. Surprisingly my boy wasn’t too upset, considering we often have to threaten to take him to hospital if he so much as slightly bangs his toe. I started the water for him and took to cleaning up the hallway.

Now, this is the main difference between my girls. Little Red simply stood and watched, concerned but following my instructions to not touch anything. If I had let Copperhead loose, it would have been smeared all over the wall or she would have immediately stripped off and joined her shaky brother in the shower.


Even though LM was insisting he was good to go, I quickly called the swim center and explained what had happened. I told him to lie on the couch, relax and we’ll have a movie day. The girls took the change in plans surprisingly well. Given that I’d pleaded with them (Copperhead) to get dressed so we could take their brother swimming and then meet our friend at the park.

A few hours later, I was, yet again, in the bedroom with C when I heard a cry. Vomit was all over the couch. Seriously, LM did it right in the middle so it hit both seat cushions and all the other scatter ones on there that the cats like to chew.

“It’s okay”, I told him, as I ushered him into the shower again.

I came out of the bathroom to find LR approaching the couch, tissues in hand, to start cleaning. Isn’t she sweetest thing in the world? I told her not to touch and started stripping everything.

Several washes and two views of Paddington Bear later and it was finally nap time. Hurrah!

Later that night, after no more spews, we put a slightly feverish Little Man to bed with the hopes of a good night sleep and a whispered beg that no one else gets sick.


We get through Friday with no more incidents, but still taking it easy. By Saturday we’re back on form. Little Man spends some time with me while I write and by all accounts the girls have a fantastic day eating sushi, playing in their new fancy dress and finish off with sausages on the BBQ.



We even planned to meet our friends at the beach on Sunday morning and excitedly talked to Little Man all about it at bedtime. Just as I’m getting ready to go to bed, around 9pm, Copperhead starts to moan. Michael tells me he’ll get her up, give her some milk and put her back down. As he brings her out she holds out her arms for me. This isn’t unusual. She is very much a Mummy’s girl while Little Red is more her Daddy’s angel (who can do no wrong. Like, ever).

Anyway, one big belch and a hot feeling on my shoulder later and I’ve leaped to the middle of the kitchen so that we’re on the tiles. More vomit follows, all down my front, so we strip off and give the neighbours something to talk about.

I’ll save you the grosser details but I will tell you that C and I had three more showers together that night. We also had to remove the shag-pile rug and all of the sofa cushions. I may also never eat another sausage again.

My girl and I then cuddled on our other couch, which had been covered by a sheet, for a few more hours before I put her in her bed around 2am. The girls were chatting away when I finally dragged myself to bed ten minutes later.


I found it kinda’ hard to write over the weekend. I’m not sure if I was just hot, tired or lacking that certain energy where it flows so easily. I actually wrote solidly all Saturday but I wasn’t happy with the results, really. So, I managed to grab a few hours on Sunday which was a strange decision considering I was so sleep deprived!

I’m also hoping for no more sickness, obviously. Especially since Michael is working away for the week. Wish me luck and have a good’un!

K x


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