After seeing a friend with one, Hubby and I hunted down this awesome Kmart teepee. When I say hunted I of course mean simply go to the shop and purchase all nineteen dollaaaah of it. That’s right, under $20 for something that will keep Little Man, Hubby and Oscar happy for hours – dare I hope, days.

Little Man quickly caught on to the fact something was different in the dining room…

And proceeded to investigate…

Once I managed to coax Hubby out of the teepee Little Man entered – with the instruction sheet obviously. I figured he was thinking ahead to what he could use for bedding.

We put it on a bath mat to stop it skidding and left LM to it.

While Oscar patiently waited for his turn.

Until next time,





  1. So much fun! When my son was about 2, I found a great mini Star Wars tent that he slept in for almost a year lol. A crib mattress fit perfectly inside, he loved it. I love the pic of the cat sitting on the floor 😉

    1. Lol, that’s a great idea – and my husband would totally snap the Star Wars one up for himself! My son loves playing in his wardrobe so was thinking of putting some cushioning in there for him, might just do it in the teepee now! 😀

        1. Hahaha! So true.. the trouble is getting them out of it – or do you just leave them in it and serve their meals through a tiny hatch? 😉

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