I was looking through my phone photos after transferring them to my laptop, most of them of the girls from their time in ICU. I remembered how important it was that I took a photo everyday – always, ALWAYS when I was leaving. I’d scroll through them at night as I expressed, before bed and first thing in the morning. I was deeply moved looking at those pictures again, being reminded of everything, seeing how small and frail they actually were made me tearful. It seems like such a lifetime ago.

It occurred to me how on autopilot I was during our time there. Thinking the worst was not an option. My girls would survive and that was that. After all the familiar anxiety throughout each pregnancy it just wasn’t present and I am so grateful for that. I knew in my heart that my girls were coming home with me. When the twins came out kicking and screaming I knew that they were fighters. As the days went by they kept proving me right even during times when I felt my weakest.
Towards the end of our hospital stay and upon noticing the girls hair, a paediatrician asked me if I’d read the Game of Thrones. He explained that in the books redheads are said to have been kissed by fire.

I feel it’s the perfect way to describe their entrance into this world and when they ask me about their dramatic birth story, that’s exactly what I’ll tell them. K x



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