As I pack mine and Little Man’s bags and prepare to fly to New South Wales tomorrow, leaving friends, family and precious memories behind I wanted to say some quick words.

I came to this country not knowing what to expect. I was scared – more so than I let on – and at times I felt so disconnected from the culture, history and people around me I remained pretty homesick for the first few years. That’s why I only have sympathy for refugees who find themselves in a different country and not only look different but don’t speak the same language either.

Anywho, what I’ve always been met with, from the very start, is long-lasting friendships. Happy times, laughter, love and generally lots of warm fuzzy feelings. Yes there have been the low points but they’ve only ever been met with care and compassion.

I’ve been fortunate enough in this life to always meet great people. Even from childhood, I always had genuine people around me and I’m pleased to report this has continued through all of my teenage and adult relationships (even when my youthful attitude was not always the nicest). Obviously there have been some nutters along the way but they thankfully never last very long in my world (except Oscar, I just can’t seem to shake him off!).

What most of you don’t know is how much Hubby used to work away from home. The fact we’ve never lived like a standard couple in nearly six years. So, I’m excited about the fact it’s onward and upwards to a proper family life – something we’ve been wanting for a very long time.

I visited the house for the last time today. I took pictures and I silently thanked it for looking after me – us – for all these years. Through those dark times when it was my sanctuary, for the protection it provided, for the good times. It has good bones and I left a note for the new owners telling them so. I wished them the same amount of love, laughter and happy memories during their time there.

Yes I may not be able to go back but I’ll always have the memories and they’ll continue to live on in my heart. I’ve been thinking of this post for at least two weeks now and it’s not come out close to how I envisioned it. I guess I can’t really go there yet because I need to hold it together. I need to be excited, I need to not have regrets. What I’m trying to say is simply that I’ll miss this place. It’s been good to us. It embraced me even when I felt out of place. I now consider myself a true Queenslander and am disgusted at the fact the twins will be born in NSW!

I’ll miss you (and hopefully you know who you are!).

We’ll hopefully be back at least a few times a year so it’s not goodbye, it’s see ya later!

Until next time,



  1. This place, and all your friends in it, will miss you too. We have been the lucky ones in that you chose this place to move to first, and that we got to meet you. I am sure we will see you again soon, all the best! Love you long time x

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