Much like every year, I always have a big cry for one reason or another. Either from the sheer excitement or, as in this year, because my son is going through a ‘reject mum’ phase.

It started late on Saturday when Little Man held his arms out for his dad and cried whenever he was passed to me. This happened when Skyping with my folks so I had an awkward audience to my first of many meltdowns regarding this rejection. My Dad suggested a group hug and I can only imagine what Hubby was thinking with both me and Little Man trying to out-cry each other into his chest. 

On Sunday (my actual birthday) I woke early and got presented with my princess crown and, after opening cards and gifts, went to get LM up. This is where my day started to go horribly downhill on the emotional stability front.

LM did not want me. He wanted his daddy. Whenever I held my arms out for him he reacted with such horror and repulsion that I cried instantly. It became a bit of a game for Hubby to hold LM near me and then whisk him away until it got to the point where I did the crying where you can’t breathe but are still trying to talk so it comes out like this:

Why….(inhale) doesn’t… (exhale) he… (inhale) love… (exhale) me…? (loud sob)”

Hubby frantically consulted Dr Google and found countless forums of women saying the same thing and that, at most, it will last a week before he favours me over everyone else again (yay).

Until then it feels as if my heart is being repeatedly stamped on by tiny feet of fury and worst of all, Hubby says he can’t help but laugh at me when I cry because apparently my face gets into a most unflattering expression and I make a high-pitched noise much like a dog does when mating. Talk about kicking me when I’m already down in a hysterical but non-dramatic ball of abandonment.

I feel like I should add a disclaimer here clarifying that Hubby is very supportive and tries really, really hard to conceal his giggling when I’m crying. In all honesty I would laugh at me too because I do look a right state when I get going.

Until next time,



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