I’ve come to a realisation that although this blog started out with the best intentions of being wonderfully crafty and home design-ey it just isn’t, and there is no way I measure up to some amazing bloggers out there that do some wonderful Blue Peter things. Hey, at least I’m honest!

I get a lot of pleasure from writing my general rambles and, truthfully, they keep me sane. So, I think I’m going to have to change the focus of my blog to just that. General rambling and life with my three boys (with some craft and recipes occasionally thrown in). After all, these are the posts that I get great feedback about (people love gingers, who knew?) and I fear my confidence in my cardboard skillz will be forever damaged if I continue trying to live a life I’m not yet ready for. Yes, that statement may seem dramatic but why should I force myself to be crafty on a weekly basis when I prefer to take photo’s of my cat?

Now I have the arduous task of changing things up and sorting through my posts. I’d love to be fantastically competent with all this t’internet stuff but I’m not quite there yet which makes this a little daunting. I’d also like to do other things with the site design and possibly register the name but I don’t know how to do those things either.

You may be thinking, why not just pay someone to do it for you? Here’s why:

– I’m too tight.

It’s also a personal challenge, I need to learn how to do this stuff for myself. It’s exactly the same as that time I had to learn how to flick from the Xbox to the DVD player using the new remote.

You may see some changes around this here blog but stay with me and if you have any suggestions, tips or hints please leave me a comment below. I need all the encouragement and help I can get, that is until I procrastinate by taking yet more photographs of Oscar.

It’s happening already, see..

Until next time,



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