Little Man found Oscar’s food bowl.

It also happened to coincide with me making some cookies that I was rolling into balls so my hands were all doughy.

I heard LM coming towards me and then he appeared – a bit like that scene at the end of the first Terminator when the robot is dragging himself forward with his arms. I panicked and started saying “no, no, stop” to which the reply was squeals of delight because LM thinks this is a word I say when we’re playing.

Still rolling out the biscuits (how’s that for multitasking?) I started kicking the bowls away. That didn’t work. I had two choices, wash my hands in two seconds and pick him up or…. grab the water spray bottle and use some negative reinforcement like with Oscar.

Well, I’m not proud of this next bit but I instinctively grabbed the spray bottle and started dousing LM with a gentle mist of water. He loved it and if we had a wind machine or a fan set up it would have been perfect because he flung his head back like in the hair adverts or that famous scene from Flashdance.

I was now stuck in an impossible situation, if I stopped spraying LM would continue for the bowl, if I kept spraying the water would eventually run out. I decided to admit defeat by washing my hands and risk the cat biscuit eating.

I managed to get to him just as his sausage fingers reached into the bowl and took him to change his clothes because of the, ahem, wetness. When I was changing his nappy I found a squashed blueberry. WHAT? How? When? We hadn’t even had any blueberries yet.

I know, Mother. Of. The. Year.

Until next time,


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