They are the second set of twins to grace our family. Can you see the resemblance?!


Some of you may think this is incredibly fast moving, given the fact it’s only been three weeks since our beloved ten year old cat, Oscar, passed away. And in some respects it absolutely is. However, this is something that just felt so right for us to do for various reasons. I guess I’ll start from the top…


The night Oscar passed away, my beautiful friend tagged me in an animal adoption page on Facebook. She explained she didn’t mean to seem insensitive, but that she had thought of me when seeing this particular animal. It was a cat, called Oscar, who had been dropped off by his human parents to be euthanized because he no longer fit in with their plans. He was eleven years old and healthy. My heart broke. Obviously, deciding it was too soon, and reading the comments on the post, I was confident he would find a loving home without our involvement.

A few days later, still thinking about Oscar number two, I figured I would research some adoption agencies and their protocols. So that when the time was right, we would be prepared (you know me and planning!).

The reason I knew we would have a cat again is two-fold. Firstly, I really wanted my children to grow up with an animal. Secondly, I simply feel safer with a cat around. The fact that Michael works away does sometimes leave me feeling vulnerable. Like dogs, cats can alert you to if there is or has been a home intruder. They can also be a line of defence for if there was ever a fire. Obviously they could just leave you to burn or be beaten to death with one of your own possessions in order to save themselves, as is also their nature, but I like the potentially false feeling of safety a cat can provide.

Anywho, I ended up on a local rescue page and saw a tiny ginger kitten that seemed to speak to me. His story was scarily similar to our Oscars, as well as the mention that he was a “Christmas cat” – something we had always called our boy, he and his brother were hoping to be adopted together after being dumped with the rest of their litter. Some didn’t make it and these two tiny babies were left. We’d always regretted not getting Oscar and his sister – whose story was that they were also dumped.


As is my custom with any big decision, I slept on it for a few nights but couldn’t stop thinking about the twins. Hubby was pretty firm in telling me he wasn’t ready. Something I absolutely respected and despite everything felt the same.

I ended up just emailing the organisation for some information, namely cost and processes in adopting the brothers. The reply was lengthy and asked if I’d like to come and see them. At first I accepted but ended up cancelling. My heart was still aching for Oscar and Hubby was adamant that he wasn’t there yet.


The evening I cancelled I was chatting to Little Man in bed. Upon leaving his room he asked me what his new soft toy (that he got on his sisters birthday) was called. I looked at the label.


Later that night I was looking at Christmas stockings that you can personalise. As I clicked to look at the label what name do you think flashed up?


Now, I am a logical person most of the time. You can call it grief, transference, whatever. I’m choosing to believe that Oscar was steering me to these little guys.


Well, I made the call didn’t I?!

As it turned out, this pair had been passed around foster parents for various reasons. The first being the initial carer went on an extended holiday. Then the second had to take care of a sick litter of kittens. The third and current, N, got me more of their backstory.

Alfie and Jones were two of eight who were abandoned by their mother. Three sadly didn’t make it. Three had already been adopted out. Jonesy was 170 grams when he was found and had to be fed hourly as well as being on a drip. Apparently he is the miracle baby, much like our Little Red.

She asked me if I’d like to come and meet them. I explained my issue was that Hubby was working away and I had limited option with someone to watch my kids. She said bring them along, as she likes to see how they interact as potential adopters.

And that was that. These tiny fellas desperately needed a home and we could offer one. Simples.


The day before we collected the boys, we went cat toy and food shopping. Randomly I saw this cute little garden ornament – an item I had kinda’ been looking for to put on Oscar’s grave. It was pushed to the back of the shelf hiding away. I like to think it’s his final nod to me that he had a hand (paw) in this.




Along with plenty of kitten play, cuddles and filling my phone up with Alfie and Jones’ photos (the kids kept getting in the way, t’was super annoying!), the house feels right again. Although bringing them home was quite bittersweet because it highlighted that Oscar isn’t here. However, to me, believing he helped orchestrate the adoption means he’s still very much here in spirit. I think he’ll rest easy once the kittens settle in and knowing we’re being looked after.


I should probably end by saying that Hubby was ready, I certainly didn’t force him into anything. He is very excited (although he’s still yet to meet them) and did have a hand in the names. I originally suggested Tom and Hardy but I’m not sure Michael was comfortable with my crush being so obviously dangled in his face each day. Then Alfie and Jones kinda’ spoke to me. Hubby thinks Jones is pretty cool because it’s the name of the cat from Aliens. He doesn’t know it is actually a nod to Midsomer Murders best Detective Sergeant. Oh well, we’ll keep that between us, hey?

K x


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