Today has felt exceptionally long. Hubby isn’t home yet and he left for work over ten hours ago. I’ve had confrontational attitude from Little Man which included being asked “why did you make me then?”. Copperhead decided THIS was the day that she would no longer wear a nappy and so we’ve been sitting on the toilet and washing our hands every five minutes. In the small amount of time I’ve not been dealing with tiny underpants or continually breaking up fights that seem to all surround a LEGO octopus, Little Red has been clingy. It’s not usually like her so I think she might be teething or something. I suppose the short nap, followed by murderous screams and the way she clung to my face when I got her up also kinda’ gave it away.

It’s not that it’s been a HARD day as such, it’s just been constant. It’s that constant that now leaves me mentally and physically exhausted. I’m still in my pyjamas, I haven’t brushed my teeth and I’m fairly certain I smell quite revolting.

I’m writing this as my son plays in his room – a punishment for basically being a big meanie. “Get out the colouring stuff” I thought. Surely that’ll keep the girls busy while I make tea won’t it? No. I’m now continually getting called to help, look enthralled and generally not do what I need to do. Things are escalating with the felt tips but I’m happy that they’re somewhat quiet and distracted.

I look back on my day and wonder if I had gone out with the kids, now would be easier. I mean, it’s not like we’ve done nothing. They’ve painted a big canvas, had an extra long play in the shower, built a massive train track (that the cats seemed to really like) and watched Toy Story together.


When I stay at home I sometimes feel guilty though. But then I remind myself how difficult it is to get out with them all at the moment, especially by myself. Copperhead is a runner – actually I should say sprinter. And simply getting the girls in the car is a mission in itself. I don’t think they’ve been bored today but even if they have I’m okay with it. Imagination can be built on boredom and days like this.

Take now for example. I’m imagining Hubby home any minute and an easy bedtime routine. I’m make-believing a Chinese or curry for tea followed by delicious chocolate and a good Netflix sesh…!

K x


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