This week has been fairly full on. We’ve had an ear infection, a virus and an emergency trip to the vets. Naturally they all happened on the same day, too.

On Wednesday the kids and I do our usual routine of nipping to the shops for some essentials and then going to playgroup. Since they were all up super early, Copperhead and Little Red fell asleep in the car on the way. Due to this, I decided to go to the park with some friends afterwards. I reasoned that we didn’t need to go straight home like we always do, because the girls were no longer in desperate need of a rest. We grabbed some lunch from the local bowling club, played, chatted and generally had a great time.

Arriving home around 2:15pm for a later than usual quiet time, I had the hopes of an easy afternoon. Milk and TV followed by garden play for the kids and heaps of time for me to finish off the slow cooker meal. But no.

Walking up the stairs to our front door I see Jones casually washing his behind. Surely a welcome site for anyone visiting our home. I notice blood and what looks like quite a severe scratch on his inner thigh area.


After ushering everyone in and dropping a gazillion bags on the floor, I captured Jonesy and inspected his leg. Yep, a big circle type of gash oozing with fresh blood. I immediately got on the blower to the local vet (who were brilliant) and managed to get in for 3pm. A desperate call to Hubby for him to meet me there and I was searching for our pet carry case.

Somehow everyone was quite compliant in getting to the car, it was when we got to the vet it all went horribly downhill. I won’t go into it but needless to say Jones was the best behaved and no trouble at all.

Given our recent history, Little Man naturally thought that a trip to the animal doctors meant certain death for our furry friend. His hysterics were only quietened by his tiny BFF appearing in a cone hat and promptly bumping into everything.

Turns out it was a typical cat fight kind of gash. One that had occurred 3-5 days prior and turned into an abscess, which had now burst. We know who the culprit is. A big black cat who thinks he’s king of the street. Happy could probably match him in size but he’s a massive scaredy-cat and runs away. Jones is about a third of the size but doesn’t back down.

His bravado has resulted in three staples, two injections (inflammatory and antibiotics), a cone for a week, no outdoor play and a huge fee for us. Oh, and repeatedly having to position him over his food and water bowls and watching him think hes licking himself but really it’s just the inside of the transparent cone.


Y’know that cliched joke of parents never having any privacy? Well, this is just my life. At any given moment I have at least one child touching me, when I’m in the bathroom it tends to be all three. They like to hold my hand – presumably for unasked moral support. Little Man will undoubtedly need to urinate as soon as I enter the bathroom and the girls will try and eat all the toothpaste or something completely normal like that.

Happy also likes to go for a number two right before I shower. It’s like he hears me say it (or think it) and it triggers his bowels to completely empty what seems like five days worth of food. Sometimes I have no choice but to shower with the lingering smell, suffocating in the tiny cubicle. I come out with a scratchy throat and red eyes to the point Hubby has come to the assumption that I have severe hay-fever.


The ear infection was/is Little Man. Naturally the best time to tell us that his ear was hurting him was after a full day of play, followed by the vets and karate with one minute to bedtime.

Cue a night with hardly any sleep and plenty of screaming. Hubby then confided he felt sick and thought his glands were swollen. When he looked at me I had to try and recall whether he usually had a neck and jawline or whether his head always looked like it was just directly attached to his shoulders.

Everyone seems better today, though. Except Jonesy who still hasn’t gotten used to the cone and is walking into everything.

But weeks like this is exactly why I write my blog. To capture the good times and all that.

And how have you been?

K x

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