I’ve been at a workshop this past weekend, they were long days but I was thankfully home to greet Little Man in the morning and put him to bed at night.

On Sunday, when I arrived home, I was greeted by Hubby who I can only describe as looking like a broken, shell of a man.

Apparently LM was cranky ALL DAY and pulled a number of stunts including:

– Being quicker than the speed of light when picking up (and waving about) the contents of his nappy. I hear the situation spun horribly out of control and turned into a tug of war.
– Refusing to play, eat and nap.
– Continually commando rolling over to Oscar leaving him in a state of anxious readiness.

I think I failed to hide my glee and tentatively asked the question,”do you think it was because he missed me?”. I fear the question may have pushed Hubby over the edge because he looked positively dead inside.

Although I’m far from happy that Hubby had such a big day with our son, I am somewhat pleased he got to experience what I do everyday.

Until next time,



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