So, in the effort of not turning this post into a huge rant I’ll just start off by saying “oh blog, how I’ve missed you” *strokes computer screen*. You see, I’ve spent the past week or so doing what can only be described as hellish work trying to switch hosts (meaning the people who let me blog on their platform). It turned into a huge ball of stress where I lost my domain name (, got it back, had a complete meltdown at the unnecessarily convoluted way it is all done (thanks IT nerds) and eventually had a moment of clarity where I said, “do you know what? I just wanna’ write”.

I was originally swapping hosts in order to monetize my blog – that is to earn money from blogging through advertising. My current host ( doesn’t allow this format unless you have a trillion follows and pay heaps of business fees.

In the end my self-esteem took a hit. Was I really making the right choice? Do people really want to read about me prattling on and on about whatever pops into my head? Can I really have a job where I’m able to wear my pyjamas all day? Then I had the realisation that perhaps I wouldn’t even have the time once the twins are here. While I so enjoy creating content I’m under no illusion that I might have to take a self-imposed maternity break for a month or six. This wouldn’t bother me if I hadn’t shelled out hundreds of dollars to the new host – something I started to feel increasingly guilty about.

I guess all I can say is I feel a little fragile about it all but in the end I cancelled the new host, got a refund (yay) and will be sticking with the free stuff for now. It’s given me the push to finish my photography diploma and concentrate on that business which has always been my ultimate goal. I think I’ll give it a year and if in that time my following grows then I can make the switch without the nagging doubts.

Right now I just need to concentrate on the babies and our house stuff (we will definitely be moving at some point in the near future) and unfortunately I just can’t do everything at the same time. Multi-tasking has never been my strong point so I’m at peace with my decision which is the important thing. I can say I tried… even though part of me still feels like a massive loser.

Until next time,


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