This is just a really quick post to let my blog followers know I had my twins last week. They were born at 30 weeks + 5 days gestation and came out screaming.

I’ve only been updating my Facebook page so far but hopefully I can write more on here when I get the time.

I’ve attached the posts from there for those of you that may not have seen them:

I DID IT!!! My two red headed baby girls born yesterday at 11:56pm & 11:57pm. 30+5 days gestation but both with big healthy lungs.
There is so much I feel when I think of being handed my baby girl for the first time but words still escape me. Skin to skin, heart to heart, bonded forever. I’m wishing away time as I wait to hold her sister later today. I also want to thank you all for the congratulatory messages, support and all round loveliness. I feel incredibly fortunate at the moment. K x

I’m writing this post on my phone and it’s taking twice as long as normal so I’ll update more when I can jump on the laptop.

Until next time,




  1. Congratulations!! Wishing you strength and peace while you wait to hold baby girl and wait to all be discharged. My baby A was in the NICU for just a short time but the wait seems interminable! Soon you will all be home snuggly & happy together.

  2. What a lovely way to start the day! I’ll be checking back for details! I’ll also check out your facebook page, if that’s ok =) We’re sending all our love, both me and the girls!

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