Can you tell I’m working on my blog post titles so that the content is really obvious for readers? As you may have guessed, Michael was working in America for a few weeks. It was short notice but we also pushed for it to happen in January because we knew Little Red’s medical appointments would be kicking off come February. That, my friends, is the subject of my next blog post.

The Mothership was concerned about me being by myself for such a long period, even with all of my reassurances. After all, it’s not actually been that long since I was spiraling and struggling to cope mentally, even with Hubby’s help. Truthfully though, I felt/feel in a good place and was fairly confident in my mental state that it wouldn’t result in me having a nervous breakdown. I decided that I would sort and organise the house without Messy McMichael Messface getting in the way. Sounds like a riot, amiright? As you can probably imagine, the kids were thrilled by my single idea of “how to have fun while Daddy is away”.


I hear you ask with bated breath! Well, I did cull and sort the house out in the first week. I was on a roll so I actually achieved quite a lot. The house was then kept pretty nice and tidy the rest of the time Michael was away. I also watched some “Katie shows” on Netflix in the evenings. Then there was the kittens of course! FYI I’m thinking I’ll just make that in particular a thing whenever Hubby goes away.

Alfie helping me sort out piles upon piles of washing!

Perhaps the worst thing that could happen while I was home alone with no help, was getting sick. We all caught colds in the middle week and due to the fact I was averaging three hours a night I got extremely run down too. The girls were sick and teething and wanting bottles and comforting. Little Red becomes majorly unsettled with any change so combined with her illness she was clingy, to say the least.

Given all that, Little Man couldn’t seem to understand why I didn’t want him to repeatedly tap me on my cheek at 5am every. single. morning. One day he did listen to my request and instead hovered over me in the dark, his face an inch away from mine. When I came to, I immediately pushed him away and screamed. Took me a whole bloody morning to get my heart to calm down after that one.

The day we picked Alfie and Jones up my voice was completely gone. Even a whisper wasn’t guaranteed. I ended up doing a lot of clicking fingers and pointing, to which LM reacted really well to. Except when he went and brought me a load of random stuff when I was so very clearly asking if he wanted a slice of toast. I mean, how can my holding up a loaf of bread and gesturing wildly to him, it and the toaster be misconstrued?

Anyway, I think it challenged him (it certainly challenged me!) and was a bit of a game. I also found the house was a lot quieter than normal, so it was an interesting weekend. I continue to sound a bit husky even now.


I’ve mentioned before how I’m a homebody through and through. So for me spending days in our garden is such a destresser…

Little Man on the other hand took full advantage of the fact I couldn’t talk. Hubby tried to “have words” for me on Facetime. My dad tried to do it on Skype. Do you think the boy listened? No. He knew full well that I was not on my game.

Since I was too fragile to go out the weekend we got Alfie and Jones, I tried to make it as clear as possible that we would be staying in. You know kids and their need to know what is happening after big sleep, right? Okay, so LM may not have known exactly what my arm waves and random claps and clicks were all about, but I tried people! I tried to explain that I was too sick and couldn’t talk. You would think that my being unable to even croak and looking like death would be enough sensory clues for him, but looking back, clearly, it was not.

Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing?


The only thing that got me pretty stressed was Little Red’s hearing exam. However, in the end it was better than fine.

I briefly mentioned waaaaay back in November that it’s likely Baby Bear will need grommets (as well as an endoscopy of her throat while she is under general anesthetic). Her ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat specialist) requested we get a third hearing test done a week or so before his appointment. That has a story in itself about how stressful managing this medical stuff can be. But, to cut it short, I asked my friends mum (who is also my friend), if she could watch Copperhead and Little Man while I sorted LR.

The venue of choice was a trampoline park with some other friends so it was a great morning for the kiddies. Needless to say, Little Man is now hoping his sister has an ear exam every week. I felt briefly upset at the thought that LR would be missing out but as it turns out I think she enjoyed some time alone with me. As always she was good as gold, and because the trampoline place was empty she even got to have a play for free when we got back. Either that or they just assumed she was Copperhead!

I’ll go into the results on my next post (publishing Wednesday). But yes, it was as expected and she’ll probably be having grommets.


And that’s about it. I coped really well and I’m proud of that fact. I started waning a bit towards the end but I’m okay with it. I suppose it’d be weird if I hadn’t. Hubby has been amazing since he got back too. I’ve had sleep ins and not changed many dirty nappies which has been majorly appreciated. Hopefully next time a work trip is longer than a week or so we can coincide it with my folks visiting. Or, my idea of joining him for a little holiday! Wonder if he could ever get posted to Palm Springs or Hawaii? *wink wink*

See you next time.

K x


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