I’ve been taking some medication and one of the side effects is fatigue. This explains why, just lately, I only have the energy to lie on the floor during playtime…

Thankfully Oscar and Little Man are content just crawling all over me for an hour or two.

You may also notice the angle of the photo taken above, yes I was flat out on my back when I took it!

Anywho, all this lying around has given me plenty of time to work myself into a right old Scrooge. Oh how I loathe Christmas in the sun. It’s just not right is it? I mean, snowmen on people’s lawns when it’s so hot you don’t want to wear clothes (or your skin). You can even buy fairy lights shaped like icicles.

I also have an issue with Santa at the mall and the fact I’m expected to hand my son over to a man I have never met. Yesterday, when Hubby asked me if we were going to do just that I ranted explained Stranger Danger to him for about half an hour. Bah Humbug is what I say!

Did I mention the medication also causes extreme irritability?

Until next time,


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