Much to the relief of the males in my house, I’ve come on my period. Probably a bit TMI but I don’t really care. I mean it’s not a secret that women menstruate.

Last night Hubby wearily said that I “get a bit hormonal” in the run up. Naturally, being the irrational woman I clearly am, I resisted the urge to rip his head off. (In the effort of complete transparency, upon reading this post Hubby said that I didn’t resist, but y’know, who are you gonna’ believe?).

This morning Little Man asked me why I didn’t just go out by myself.


Truth is I actually didn’t think I was “hormonal” at all. At least not to warrant banishment from the house. Next they’ll be telling me I’ll attract bears.

Three things were happening this week. Firstly it was/is that I am feeling sad it was my grandmas birthday on Friday – the first since she died in May. Secondly it was ridiculously hot all week and everyone knows I don’t do heat well. Thirdly, I was annoyed at Hubby for repeatedly asking me what was wrong when I’d already told him. Hot and sad. And sad and hot again.

That old joke of men asking if a woman is on her period just because she’s pissed off at him is simple denial working at its best. Just to be clear, females are always hormonal. Look at the amount of changes our bodies go through in our lives!

I’ve earned the right to roll my eyes or demand that my other half scavenge me chocolate at 6am. I mean, truthfully, I don’t even think I’m that bad. Considering I’ll be in tremendous pain but still getting up with the kids so that Hubby can sleep in tomorrow.

I guess if the boys are struggling now, wait until it’s all three of us girls syncing up. Also known as the Devils Trifector. Then we’ll see who needs to leave the house!


Anyway, rant over.

K x

FYI: Much of this post is written in jest. The other part is not to be messed with for the next 5-7 days ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‰


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