Admittedly, I’m not really sure what my home decor style would be called. I’m a big believer that if you have things around you that you love, then everything will match anyway. I know I gravitate to certain colours and styles. Even at times when I initially think something might clash it just seems to work together anyway. (Or at least, I think so!) Mainly it’s simply because I like it!

I also think that in your house you should make your own rules. No one said you have to do it a certain way or be unable to put your own stamp on it. You live there, so surround yourself with what you makes you happy.


I am in love with this felt board and have so far used it when taking photographs of Little Man on his birthday and for leaving cute messages.

You all know much I love my plants!

The cactus light was given to me by Michael on a birthday a few years ago.

The Mothership embroidered the cactus as a gift for my most recent birthday.

I got the cockatoo lamp* AGES ago and I absolutely adore it. Although Hubby thinks it’s awful!


I won’t deny that everything about this is cheap as chips but it has a lot of sentimental value. We got it when we first moved to Newcastle for $5 from a shop sale. I decorated it with (what some would call, garish!) costume garland. It was given to me many moons ago when I went on a good friends hen do to Glasgow. Somehow I’ve never been able to part with it.

The ear piece was originally a keyring given to me by The Mothership when I was pregnant with Little Man. It used to live on my big, tan, leather handbag I use for travel but it broke when we moved down here. Again, it’s special to me so I popped it on there as a bespoke piece of antler wear!

Keeping with the tropical theme, on the left antler is a flamingo Christmas decoration*. I liked it too much to pack away for the year so there it now lives.

The girls say goodnight to the moose on their way to bed because he lives next to their door. I know he’s probably not to everyone’s taste but he makes me smile because he’s so bright and colourful.


Okay, not what everyone would necessarily call a standard piece of interior decoration, but I like having them on show. I love the colours and I remember where each and everyone came from. Whether it was on our trips to Hobart, Cairns or a thoughtful gift. I can also recall memories of when I have worn them, so they’re very dear to me.

The girls especially like to come in and choose one to wear. Sometimes Copperhead and Little Red will sport several while I’m getting ready. Little Man is passed the stage where he’s bothered about them, although he has enjoyed piling them on before!


I purchased this macrame wall hanging* earlier this year. It hangs above Michael’s bedside table and I was pleasantly surprised when he told me he really liked it! Again, I chose it purely because it was to my taste and it just so happened to fit in perfectly with our bedroom colours. As you can see, the wall is a deep green (ah, I find it so calming for sleep!), our sheets are a washed style navy blue linen and the pink compliments the walnut furniture.

Lastly, a house isn’t a home without what really matters. For me, it’s the people and animals that I love. Our place is happy because it’s full of laughter, music, play and safety. If all of that came with me, then I could live in a cave and still feel spoiled.

What would your home decor style be?

Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to do another post like this because I really enjoyed it.

K x

Cockatoo lamp purchased from Pillow Talk

Flamingo decoration purchased from Myer

Macrame wall hanging purhcased from Catch
(formally known as The Home)




  1. As you said to me once, if you always wear odd socks(as you always do) then they become pairs of odd socks!! Plus if you loose one sock you don’t get to waste the one that’s left? X

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