I’ve recently joined a gym. My first time ever doing this in fact. Last winter, I used to love walking my two hours a day with Little Man but as the days grew hotter my hibernation started and my love of chocolate continued. I’ve put on weight but more than that, my mind also feels sluggish.

Some of you know that a few weeks ago we had friends staying with us and I ended up visiting my gym with one of them, we took a pilates class a few times and I was hooked pretty much from the start. I’m not ashamed to say that it is a female only place and I like it that way. There are fantastic looking women of all ages and sizes and it just has a great energy to it with everyone being so unbelievable friendly. Personally, if I was in a mixed gym I would feel so embarrassed and shy.

Since I’m not currently working a regular 9-5, I haven’t put Little Man in any kind of daycare before but the creche allows him some more social time with other children besides his usual circle. So far, he seems to be loving it which is a great comfort to me while I’m working out.

A friend suggested I buy a couple of pieces of work out gear as an incentive so I got this Hello Kitty top and another simple singlet. Oddly they both make me feel rather motivated! A few friends also suggested my taking a multivitamin of some sort so I opted for the cheapest but also the ones that didn’t look like horse tranquilizers. Win-win!

So far, I’m pretty happy with all the purchases and have noticed an increase in energy and all-round general health since taking the vitamin. Of course this could also be some sort of placebo effect.

One recent day I even made a salad…

What are your keeping healthy secrets or habits? I’d love some inspiration!

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  1. Well done on the exercise and healthy eating – when i manage to keep it up I feel so much better! Your salad looks great.
    The main tip that has worked for me recently is giving up carbs in the evening. I REALLY didn’t want to, but I’ve lost weight so easily since then! I’m a big pasta eater so I bought this thing that turns your veggies into long spaghetti type shapes. So I substitute pasta with courgettes spirals and I hardly notice the difference when we have spaghetti bolognese πŸ™‚

    1. Oh wow, that sounds delicious. I’m not a big pasta eater because I find it messed with my blood sugar so much but I do like the idea of spaghetti vegetables, even if it’s just to use the thing that makes it that way. I also want to try making cauliflower rice, have you done this? I might give the no carbs in the evening thing a try – effortlessly losing weight would be my ideal πŸ˜‰ My issue is that I love toast and cuppas… and dunking biscuits in the tea! Thank you for your message, I feel so much more encouraged already πŸ˜€

      1. I’ve just googled cauliflower rice – that looks amazing, I’ve never heard of it before! Found a recipe where you add cumin seeds and coriander – I’m going to do this, thanks for the tip!
        I think the other thing I would say is to make salads interesting – no one wants lettuce and tomato over and over again so I add stuff like roasted cashews, roasted almonds, mangos, avocados, beetroot, mixed pulses, pumpkin seeds. I add all the seeds coz they’re meant to be good for you and seems a good way to get them into my diet. You’ve inspired me too, thank you!

        1. Let me know how you go with that recipe! Sounds pretty yum πŸ™‚ I do a lovely salad with pear and walnuts (pictured) so I might share it on here. I like the idea of adding different seeds though, hmmmm, you’ve got me thinking!

  2. I am joining a gym soon too, I have the papers, I just need to fill them out and send them in. I get a deal through my workplace so I have to submit the papers through them. Kinda excited to be going to a new place though.
    I think I need to develop my own 30 day challenge or something to motivate myself or at the very least an action plan πŸ™‚

    1. That’s pretty cool that you get a deal. I love my gym, Little Man waves to everyone on the treadmills as we walk through to the creche! I find staying motivated the hardest but I like your idea of an action plan, may have to copy you πŸ˜‰

      1. Please feel free to copy me, especially if it works for you. Still trying to figure mine out, but I think it will work. I just have to be really logical about it. For example: I really won’t want to go to the gym on nights I cook dinner so I am going to organise to go the other nights and on the weekends which will roughly work out to every second day.

        1. I think getting into a routine is the most logical thing for me too. Like, I have to just say I’m going on these mornings and do it, like I have no other choice. I only do the classes and walk on the treadmill a little at the moment so it’s working in that sense. I love the classes and keeping up with others really motivates me so I only really have to get myself there!

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