After becoming completely hooked on Netflix, and while waiting for OITNB season three, I started watching Gossip Girl and wondered HOW and WHY I had never seen it before.

Along with taking part in a running commentary of episodes with a few BFF’s on Facebook every night, mainly talking about Serena’s shoulder pads or Nate’s hair, I found myself drawn to ASOS and checking for winged bags and chunky jewelry. I call it the GG Affect.

I became quite obsessed in my mission of finding a winged bag that I liked – since I don’t really own any structured bags – I KNOW! So, imagine my surprise when I saw this little beauty (in the window of Colettes) at the local mall. It was drastically reduced due to their mid-year sale and because I’d been going in and stroking it on a regular basis Hubby said he’d treat me to it. Despite my genuine protests he also saw fit to throw in the amazing twinkly necklace that had mysteriously attached itself around my neck.

I was so touched and happy I gave him the gift of Katie-free time by taking Little Man to the park for a longer play than normal later that day. I’m sure he’d tell you it was money well spent!

I also don’t mean for this post to come off as “look at all the cool things I got”, but, seriously, look how cool they are! Love me a bargain… now I just need to work on getting me a set of legs like Serena.

You know you love me xoxo

According to Katie

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post.


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