I got these suits on my first trip to the shops when the girls were still in NICU. They were the first “girly” outfits I purchased and I can still remember all the feelings. Joy and pride combined with the numbness that having a premmie in ICU brings.

The cashier asked if they were gifts and I, still sporting a pregnant looking belly, told her about my babies. She listened intently, as did her colleague and the other customer standing next to me.

It was a conversation where I happily boasted about my little girls, commenting on whether I’d picked the right size and how I’ve suddenly gone mad for pink, frills and florals. It was a normal new mum moment during an abnormal time.

Dressing the girls this morning, I couldn’t help but think about how far they’ve come and how healthy they are. Having my babies at home, chubby legged and full of giggles was all I longed for several months ago. I suddenly felt an enormous rush of gratitude and my heart seemed to swell with love. K x



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