I thought I’d give an update on how my Working Saturdays are going. It’s officially been two weeks (YIPPEE!) since I wrote this post, and I have to say it’s going pretty well! I think the work-life balance is something we all strive for. For us, it’ll probably be something we have to be both flexible and rigid about. Flexible in that my working hours CAN change but also rigid in the sense that I still need to do them.

I’ve been taking myself to the office for nearly a full day on a Saturday and for a few hours on a Tuesday afternoon when Hubby can finish work early. Well, actually he starts super early so that he can get home but so far the flexibility is really working for us.


I feel a bit like I’m being taken seriously, or at least, I’M finally taking myself seriously. I always had passion and motivation for my writing and creativity but I would always put myself last too. A little voice in my head would say it’s not real work because I’m not earning much. It was also far too easy to put aside in favour of housework or much needed sleep because it kind of did have the flavour of “not being real work”. Confidence in my ability took a toll even though I never expected anything to come to me easily. It was a cycle that was hard to break but I can’t believe how easy it was to actually do it!

A new routine seems to have formed and I feel like some self-assurance has come back. Having boundaries around when I work and stepping back from the children has been a new experience. Ultimately it’s one that I’m thoroughly enjoying. It feels good to tell friends and family that I’m working on Saturdays so won’t be available until XYZ. I’ve been looking forward to today all week. This morning I couldn’t wait for Hubby to get home from taking Copperhead swimming so that I could finally get to where I really wanted to be. Don’t get me wrong, I still cleaned, tidied and played with The Little’s but I was eager. Eager to get to work, and that felt great.


Another thing that’s been new for me is when I walk up the garden path after being gone for a while and the kids all excitedly run to me. Obviously I see this reaction for their dad nearly every day, but very rarely for me. Hubby is getting a taste of what I do when he’s not around and he says he’s enjoying it, so who am I to argue?!


Maybe it’s been a long time coming. After all, I haven’t been “employed” for nearly five years. Although I’ve blogged for nearly most of that time, there was still part of me holding back. Maybe using the kids and my motherhood role as an excuse to not succeed, at least in the way I’ve been quietly aiming.


I love the community that surrounds us and updating you guys. It’s not that I want huge commercial success or even to go viral. I mean, that’s always sounded like a sexually transmitted disease to me. But still, I’m human with a family and I’m not ashamed to say that I want to contribute to the household financially.

It’s not just about money though. I’m happier and therefore my mental health will be too. I’m proud that my readership is growing and that people are gaining whatever it is they need to gain from my writing. I’m more confident that I can be a success in creativity and have been exploring opportunities regarding my photography again.

Work-life balance might always be a struggle to get absolutely right, and that’s okay. But it is so, so worth even trying to find it.

K x


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