I happen to have a dear friend, B, who has a beautiful little girl, E, with auburn/reddish hair. We often meet at the shops together and usually get stopped a few times with compliments for our little ones.

Yesterday was no different except this time it came with a rather prejudice hilarious twist. There I was innocently minding my own business when two stalkers elderly ladies stopped me and commented on Little Man’s red hair. They then gestured to E and said “they must be cousins”.

When I replied no, there was no relation the two ladies went on and on about how they had seen us earlier and were positive that B and I were sisters as red heads are normally related and they assumed Little Man and E were cousins.

Now, being a red head who got teased mercilessly at school and then on arrival in Australia until it faded slightly, I was used to these kind of assumptions. Oh, I’ve heard them all, in regards to myself and LM, including the utter ridiculous:

– Are you a Weasley?
– Your head is on fire
– Do you know Prince Harry?
– All gingers are related in some way
– You may have to dye your child’s hair when they start school (this one was when LM was a few months old)
– You’ll have to keep him out of the sun (presumably in a dungeon or high tower)
– Apparently gingers have only got 100 years left before they’re wiped out completely
– Ginger people are like panda’s in that they don’t mate with each other so that’s why they will become extinct (admittedly this was a tipsy Hubby and The Godfather to LM who then offered to apply for a grant to build a habitat for me in our back garden. I like to believe they were coming from a good place).

Now I just smile politely at the comments but I’ll never get used to the fact that this is pure racism people. I don’t know why it is accepted but I know LM will develop a thick skin (helped by coatings of factor 50 sunscreen) and a great sense of humour, but he will still rejoice when gingerism is finally accepted.

I just hope it happens in my lifetime.

Until next time,



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