What’s this? A Sunday night post? What’s going on ‘ere then?”

Well, I’ve been getting a bit of an urge lately, no not that kind of urge you cheeky things. A writing kinda’ urge. Originally my blog was going to be all kinds of things, but at its heart I wanted it to be like a diary. A place where my children could read up on our life and that there would be a log of the everyday things.

It might sound a bit boring to some, but even the very mundane is something I find beautiful. I’m fascinated by the simple life. Enjoyment and gratefulness are feelings I get from the norm. All my childhood I just wanted to live in a safe and happy environment, and on good days I know that I’m living my dream.


So, here I am, writing on a Sunday night to capture what’s been going on today. Coincidentally it has been a bit eventful in that I took my first anti-depressant this morning. A tiny little pill with so much power and potential.

According to Katie DIARY : SUNDAY 16 JULY

I felt the need to capture the moment but after I took it, with my morning cuppa’ and Vegemite on toast, I barely gave it a second thought. That is until I started to feel light headed and breathless. I’ve had a bad head cold so it could have been that. I guess I’d describe the feeling as a bit spacey. It could just be a coincidence or the fact I’m actually beyond tired, but either way I’m going to take tomorrows pill at night time, so I can sleep it off if necessary.

Sickness also continues to plague our house, what with Copperhead vomiting away and Hubby coming down with The Head Cold.

According to Katie DIARY : SUNDAY 16 JULY


I took Little Man and Little Red to a birthday party earlier and made a friend. She remembered me from AGES ago when we were both at the pediatricians office. Apparently I made quite the impression with her saying I was hilarious back in that waiting room. This is a tad nerve wracking for me because I was so sleep deprived I’m not sure what I would have been saying! It was a very pleasant thing to be told though.

I was still feeling off well into the afternoon so was pretty excited to be nearing bedtime. But instead of a nice and peaceful entry way to the night via the kids bath, Copperhead got a bit too relaxed in the water, if you get my meaning. So it was Red Alert, which in our house means it’s all systems go. When Little Red started playing with a stray nugget this swiftly turned into Panic Station Brown. We have not reached this level before but as you can imagine there was a lot of screaming.

People often ask me if the twins are close. Well, if they weren’t before this evening, they certainly are now.

How was your day?

K x






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