As some of you are aware, I talk to my folks most evenings on Skype.

I agree that several things are wrong with this sentence and I can assure you it hung in the air for several awkward moments before anyone asked for more information. I use the term information loosely, what actually followed was a barrage of questions.

1. Why does something like decorating a Christmas tree remind you of this particular story?

2. Are you saying our tree and Hubby’s decorating skillz simply remind you of it because it’s what it looks like?

3. Why was it silver? Her answer “it was just some medical condition”. Well, it would have to be, wouldn’t it?

The conversation was ended by her dignified response of “I’ve had a very interesting career”.

When the call had ended and after discussing for some time, Hubby and I came to the conclusion that what reminded her of this holiday story was possibly a silver decoration she made us in the shape of an icicle that was hanging in main view. It has now been re-named The Poopsicle. I suppose we live in hope that our tree doesn’t look that bad! And that Readers, was the end of that. Until later that same evening when I received this link via email with the subject reading “I fancy a purple one”.

The point of this post is to show you that family can make any Christmas strange, even if they are on the other side of the world – and don’t we just love them for it?! I’m also slightly concerned that this could become a family Christmas tradition with the telling of the story for years and generations to come.

It also occurs to me that quite a lot of my posts are about number two’s. Sorry ’bout that! In my defence you can now see where I get it from…

Happy decorating!

Until next time,



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