As I write this, on the eve of your first birthday, my memory goes back to the night of your birth – the most life-changing, terrifying and exciting moment of my life. The months that followed were the most frustrating, joyful and challenging that I have ever experienced. I will never, ever forget those days.

I also want to thank you for saving my life, not too mention improving the outlook I have on my body. During my pregnancy with you I was the most body-confident and proud I have probably ever felt, and now, the bigger tummy I have that makes you squeal with delight when I do the truffle shuffle isn’t such a bad thing. I honestly do not know what my life would have been like without you in it, I really can’t remember how I used to fill my time when not working or studying (I’m picturing a dark room with lots of rocking in the corner).

You genuinely make me laugh on a daily basis because you are such a cheeky chap – and you know it. I have a feeling you might be a comic genius in the making. That or a cat handler.

My main wish for you is that you grow into a friendly, approachable, compassionate and an all round good-natured adult – which leads me to…. Always treat others with respect, especially the females in your life. Open doors, pull out chairs, call if you say you’re going to and above all, don’t be too casual in the “romance department”. If you’re gay, that is perfectly okay too, please never be afraid to tell us – or anyone for that matter. People who like you for being you are what’s important. A partner that brings out only the very best in you would make me very happy.

Be in check of vices – don’t smoke or do drugs and drink only in moderation, try to be a healthy eater most of the time and exercise regularly too. Never drink and drive.

My hopes for your future of course include success, but success in your chosen field. I will support you 100% in whatever you choose to do as long as it is something you are passionate about and are willing to work hard at. I’d love for you to travel, to experience other cultures and do some form of study – whatever the subject may be. You can achieve absolutely anything in this world so don’t be scared to reach far and wide and dream big.

Know that even though I may make mistakes or embarrass you, I will never stop loving and protecting you and doing the best I possibly can – in a nut shell, I will always have your back.

Happy first birthday my darling boy…

All my love, Mummy x

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