I just opened the pack of Twiglets you bought me and I had to smile at your kindness. It took me back to the day we lost Yogi and how you got me comfortable on the sofa before taking Little Man to the shops to get me a heat pack. You arrived back with bags full of English food and a big bunch of my favourite flowers. Your sweetness when declaring that you brought me all the home comforts not as a treat but to do something was heart warming and heart breaking all at the same time.

The days that followed were, physically, extremely difficult for me but your selflessness in caring for the both of us was astounding. Your concern was a comfort and I truly appreciated having you at my side. I could be open about my thoughts and feelings and you assured me time and time again that I had done nothing wrong. Although I could see you were hurting you were careful not to crumble in front of us at a time we needed you the most.

I always knew you’d be a great father and so far you haven’t disappointed. You change more than your fair share of nappies when Little Man has a dirty protest and you can see the true love in your eyes for him – and vice versa. Although I’m slightly envious of your effortless “fun-parent” charisma I wouldn’t change it for the world. You really are like father like son!

Even though you have generally kept it together these past few weeks I want you to know that you can lean on me too, we’re stronger as a couple than two individuals and our history proves that.

I know that one day we will be that old couple that holds hands on the bus…

Love Katie-Kate x

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