Often when I check on Little Man before taking myself off to bed Oscar waits at his bedroom door. Or that used to be how it went down, just lately he’s been sliding under LM’s cot and this is where the silent coaxing starts.

I gently kneel and peer under the cot – all the while LM’s face is pressed against the bars – and I try to reach him. Of course Oscar picks this moment to Mission Impossible up against the wall so I can’t get him.

Then the frantic whispers start and sometimes LM stirs which makes Oscar and I both freeze in whatever awkward positions we have arranged ourselves in to.

When I’m sure LM isn’t awake I try again to reach Oscar. I know some heavy bribing is in order when he starts washing himself in such a carefree way.

I sometimes stand and walk out of LM’s room but more times than not I commando crawl towards to glow of the hallway in the hope that Oscar might follow. I realise now how feeble my attempts are. Yes, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I admit defeat and gently say “Oscar, do you want some special grub grub?” and with that he flies out of the bedroom towards the kitchen. Or at least he did the first two nights. Maybe it was because I didn’t reward him for being naughty with his favourite food. I try not to dwell on the fact I have been outsmarted by a cat.

The next few nights I physically had to poke him out with a tube of wrapping paper. He then nonchalantly jumps on my bed and either death stares me or washes his bum while maintaining creepy eye contact.

Yes, never a dull moment.

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