Last week the girls and I headed out to Blackbutt Reserve for the morning. It was overcast and (cue Peter Kay voice for you Brits) SPITTING, but we still had a right lovely time.

I’ll get the boring deets out the way now. The reserve itself is completely free however you do pay for parking. It’s $12 for the day or (I believe) $4 for an hour. I’ve read some reviews where people think this is a bit steep.  Honestly, I did initially think the same until we were there for nearly two hours and saw all of these amazing animals. There’s also a playground, bush trails and heaps of picnic tables. It’s beautifully kept, clean and has a real peaceful feel to the place. Considering all of that, the parking is nothing in comparison to what they could probably charge. This is not a sponsored post in any way.

Copperhead took the lead and powered on around the decked walkway that winds up through the bush. Little Red is much slower due to her, I guess you would say, physical limitations – which is a story I’ll get more into on another day.

According to Katie BLACKBUTT RESERVE

There are four (I think!) koala’s so we watched them sleep and snuggle into the branches.

According to Katie BLACKBUTT RESERVE


All the timing seemed to work out brilliantly. There weren’t many people about so we sat alone with the park employee while she fed the birds. Apparently it was some kind of honey/water mixture and she said they’ve been a bit spooked the past few days so having most of them feed was pretty awesome.

According to Katie BLACKBUTT RESERVE

LR made a friend.

According to Katie BLACKBUTT RESERVE

Copperhead was too fascinated by the big, heavy metal door at this point. So I got a selfie with LR while she attempted to break it down, not unlike the other weekend

According to Katie BLACKBUTT RESERVE


Next it was onto the wombats having a good feed. LR was mesmerized by them… or potentially just really hungry and jealous that they were eating.

According to Katie BLACKBUTT RESERVE


According to Katie BLACKBUTT RESERVE

This duck let me get really close to it. Like, REALLY close to it. I was quite intimidated actually. Michael asked why I didn’t bring the duck home. I told him that in order to grab the duck, smuggle him out of the reserve, presumably fasten him into Little Man’s vacant car seat AND safely herd the girls would have required a small miracle. While Hubby wisely didn’t reply, his eyes failed to hide the disappointment he so obviously felt.

I suppose I’ll have to make it up to him and go for one of the peacocks or something next time.

How placid are emu’s? (Asking for a friend).

K x

* Also, apologies for the blurry iPhone pictures. I had some to share that I’d taken on my “proper” camera but had issues with editing and saving. GAH!



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