Apologies for the late wishes. I had the best intentions of posting on the 24th but unfortunately time slipped away from me.

Carry on reading if you would like to be bored silly with what we got up to. If this isn’t how you’d like to spend the next few minutes then hopefully this picture of Oscar sitting in a box will suffice.

Christmas Eve

I watched two Midsomer Murder episodes on Christmas Eve evening which was bliss. Before going to bed I made it quite clear that we leave out a mince pie, carrot and a cup of milk for Santa and Rudolph and not the six pack of beer Hubby suggested they might like instead. 

Christmas Day

I woke early to find little left of our food offering so I knew Santa had been. I made a cup of tea just in time for when Little Man did his room service cry and with Hubby and Oscar in tow I called the folks on Skype. LM proceeded to open his presents, ignore them and eat the wrapping paper.

We dressed Little Man in his elf outfit before going to Hubby’s folks where all the family were gathering for the day. This year was extremely special because his younger sister, C, is visiting from Oxford with her fiancé. Since we lived together when Hubby and I first moved out to Australia we have a close relationship that involves lot’s of friendly teasing. Her subtle offering this year was putting a ginger bread man sticker on my name tag.

On another note, I wore my new earrings…

I spotted them weeks ago whilst we were out and about and after Hubby went in the shop to inquire he came out and told me that they were made of nickel (I’m horribly allergic to it). I happily accepted this and thought no more of  it. I was somewhat alarmed that Hubby could lie to me so easily but after little thought, decided to be ok with it because I had shiny objects to play with.

For lunch, Little Man ate his body weight in ham and potatoes before staring intently at the blueberries on Nan’s cheesecake. Luckily she foresaw this and saved him some during the baking process. My niece and nephew pulled apart the homemade jam drops, licked the jam off and for the rest of the afternoon I kept finding what appeared to be shortbread everywhere.

Boxing Day

We went to SIL’s (my other sister from another Mr and who you may remember from this post) for a party. Since she is mother to two small children I often ask her parenting questions. My suspicions that we are of one mind was confirmed when my potty-training nephew had an accident and after stripping him off she, unable to find any baby wipes, proceeded to hose him down with a water pistol before redressing him in clean clothes.

Because we live two hours away we ended up feeding Little Man on the way home at a service station. He loved watching the cars so unfortunately the majority of the orange coloured food ended up as some sort of comical beard that matched his hair.

And that’s about it, we’ve had a busy day today which I will post about at a later date once it’s calmed down a bit.

What did you get up to? I hope you had a good’un!

Until next time,


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