My first week on my weight loss journey has gone surprisingly well. Firstly, I made good choices when doing my weekly shop and that included picking chocolate I don’t like for Hubbys pack lunch. Since I have no will-power it’s important not to have temptations in the house. It was still a sad day leaving all those Bounty’s behind though.

Secondly, I’ve been vigilant about having morning tea. I tend to have toast and Vegemite early, as in “the childrens TV channel hasn’t even started yet, seriously, it’s just static” early (thanks kids). So around 9/9:30am I have a small bowl of fruit, light Greek yogurt topped with seeds and pine nuts. Lunch has typically been soup or leftovers (including some amazing meatballs I made. The only time the phrase “amaze-balls” should really be allowed is when eating this meal) and our usual tea of salad with chicken.


So, I’ve not really been trying as such. I don’t really feel like I’m on a diet because it’s more about lifestyle choices, I feel better physically and mentally overall and that’s the important thing.

Fingers crossed its reflected in the scales tomorrow. Tonight is pizza night after all… K x

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