I’ve always tried to see the beauty in the mundane, the normal. I love our walks because I find nature such a source of inspiration, with colours and shapes aplenty. I got a bit snap-happy recently so here is a mammoth photo share. If you get bored of leaves then probably skip this post!

I love this pale pink with the green…

Would you check out the pink on this leaf combined with all the stripes of purple, green and yellow?

Reminded me of a web…

Natures ringlet!

This orange leaf reminded me of a heart with a little bit punched out.

I love the different shades of green that all come from the same tree…

Cute leaves..

Many colours on a palm tree trunk….

These ferns (or is it a weed?) reminded me of Christmas, not sure why.

And finally… just take a look at this little guy. I’m not sure what he is and at first I thought ladybird but on closer inspection he had a lot of green and blue on him. Oh how I wish I had a macro lens for my camera so I could get right up in there!

Until next time,


Note: Hubby tells me my little friend is a Stink-beetle and to never squash him. I don’t know what I found more shocking, that this beautiful creature could emit such toxic smells (much like Oscar) or that Hubby thinks I sadistically go around squashing bugs whenever I leave the house.


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