Since every man and his dog cat are posting pictures of their Christmas decorations I decided to do the same. I’m nowt but original!

Don’t you think the Christmas decoration at the very top of the page looks like Oscar? I would totally dress him like this if he wouldn’t try to claw my eyes out like that time I tried to put a harness on him so we could go walking…

The Entry Way 
Hubby suggested putting my new, pineapple jar with the reindeer because (I quote) “pineapples are Christmassy”. Now do you see how weird it is having this holiday in the sun? Do you?

The Tree

Complete with a lot of handmade decorations lovingly crafted by The Mothership. She should start her own crafty blog, right?

I obviously can’t show you the epilepsy inducing lights we have but they look very pretty when on a slower setting, when we can find it that is. There are about fifty settings and so far we’ve only managed to locate it once.
The Poopsicle… 

The Dining Table

I got the wooden tree and ceramic tea-light candle houses from Spotlight recently. The tree says Joy, Noel, Peace, Merry Christmas and I can’t quite remember how the banter started but it ended with me asking Hubby who Joy, Noel and Pearce were. Oh how we laughed.

But maybe you had to be there.

The ceramic houses were an impulse buy because they reminded me of Europe and are something I plan to keep out all year round. I think there is something Scandinavian looking about them and I love them to bits.

I am officially in the Christmas spirit now, even after just stepping in the first tinsel-lined fur ball of the season.

Until next time,


    1. Lol. I know, my facial expression spoke volumes for me. Aussies have a lot of different traditions, like having ham and prawns and going to the beach on Xmas day. I miss eating too many roast potatoes and sleeping through the Queens speech while it’s grey and miserable outside!

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