As I mentioned in an earlier post, walking has become part of our routine. So much so that I now go at least twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening. If LM is particularly mischievous and we are at home for the day then we go before lunch as well. I was a little reluctant to go walking at first due to my fear of the sun and getting horrendously burnt but as I’ve mentioned before, the times we go have been relatively cooler and more shady. In all honesty I’m also pretty lazy but now I enjoy going out and look forward to our walks which can last up to an hour each time.

I see lots of beautiful plants – I’m also positive some of them are weeds but I still find them beautiful to look at. Little Man stretches his arms and hands out to run his fingers over them when we walk through on the narrow paths.

I walk around the duck pond until I come to a play area. In the evenings there are always loads of kids playing, people walking dogs and general activity. Sometimes we sit under the BBQ area and watch the other walkers or the kids playing and sometimes we go on the swing. After five or ten minutes of rest I then cross the road to another walking path that is always littered with ducks and shade.

When I emerge from the walking path I cross the road to a cul de sac where I am often greeted by a little black cat. His sister (a tabby) watches me pat him from the first floor roof above their garage. LM grabs the cat’s tail as he rubs up and down the pram and around my legs. We then say hello to the elderly neighbours who tend to be gardening and walk to the end of the street before doing a u-turn and coming back up to where black-cat has been waiting for us. After another quick pat it’s on-wards to home and play or bath time.

I love our walks and the fact I see the same friendly people, curious animals and placid ducks.

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