As you guys know, I’m not a MASSIVE fan of social media. I like Facebook because I’m old school and most of my family and friends that live near and far are on it. I genuinely enjoy seeing everyone’s photos and keeping up with what’s going on for the people I care about. I joined Twitter because I kinda’ thought it wouldn’t hurt for people to have a few avenues on how to access and follow my blog. For a while it’s just been an automated publishing thing. But since going pro I’ve been concentrating on various ways to grow my readership.


One month I thought I’d give Twitter a bit of a go. At first I found it so confusing. The overload of information was incredible. It’s pretty fast paced and I think, quite insincere. I also have some misgivings of being “too close” to celebrities. There are a few I admire but this whole thing of “who follows who” and just the fact that Trump unfollows Stephen King makes headline news is baffling to me. Really? We’re going to report on THAT?

It very much seems to be a popularity contest on there and to be perfectly honest, it just bores me. It’s the same with Instagram. You have to wade through the BS to find the genuine people. I just don’t have time for it. I’d rather live in my Facebook bubble thanks. If I write a book and get really rich (I’m aiming for a JK Rolling type scenario. Totally achievable, obviously) I’m shutting Twitter down for sure.

According to Katie ANTISOCIAL MEDIA


I clearly haven’t caught up to the world we are living in. But, I don’t think I actually want to. It all got me thinking about how we often say “in real life”. I mean, I even said it recently when thanking friends, family and readers for their ongoing support of my, often weekly, meltdowns. But what is real life? I fear that the line has all but gone.

When I consider technology and my children I have to say that I don’t really see it in a positive light. I have grave reservations about them having social media accounts for fear of bullying. Extremely heart breaking news about teens taking their lives is sadly and disturbingly becoming the norm. Attacks are not just for the school ground anymore because the reach of technology and social media is pretty much in every home. The sad truth is a child then can’t escape the torment. They can’t feel safe in their own home.

My other objection is something I think many adults struggle with, and that is simply never allowing their brain to rest. I mean, I have to regularly check my boundaries around social media. I use social media quite sparingly because I’m self aware enough to know it can have an affect on my mental health. Are children and young adults generally mature enough on an emotionally aware level to actually self regulate their interactions? I hesitate to say yes.


I don’t particularly want my three to have phones at school age, I don’t think they’re necessary in the classroom. However, I can see the importance and peace of mind they would give parents, especially when it comes to before and after school travels. I am concerned about my children being shown inappropriate things by other kids simply because of the ease of access.

Yes you may say I worry too much, but I’m really not. If you think about it, this is all the reality NOW! Not in ten years. I think we should all be at least a little concerned.

According to Katie ANTISOCIAL MEDIA

From now on I think I’m just going to turn my attention to Pinterest. Largely because of all the pretty pictures of cats! What are your thoughts on social media? Do you have a favourite one? Do you have any concerns or none at all? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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