Because four is never enough, right? These tops are in size three *sob*. My boy is fast become a proper child and less of a toddler. I keep cramming him into onesies in a bid to baby-fy him as much as possible but I fear I can only do this until September (when it starts to warm up after “winter”), max.!

I would like to stress that this is no way a sponsored post but I LOVE Cotton On Kids. Especially the cool t-shirts they have. Hubby picked this one out and I picked the stripey top in my bid to stock up a little for winter.

I also saw heaps of trousers/jeans for Little Man but I was undecided between getting the size two or three. He seems to keep having growth spurts recently, I mean, I guess that will happen if I keep feeding him, so I’ll wait for a few months.

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Disclaimer : this is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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