Little Man has been having tantrums which are outrageous, epic and hilarious in equal proportions.

It’s interesting how the day can go when your little one is feeling a bit off or is deliberately testing boundaries. I found myself using timeouts, soothing, distracting and even resorting to begging. When I reached the inevitable low point of pleading with my sixteen month old only to have his dummy thrown at my face and my nipple twisted, I did the only thing that could be done. I became my mother.

Yes, my spirit has truly been broken in several ways.

It also occurred to me how the things I say could sound so bizarre to my neighbours. Oh well, no street party invitations for me!

Things I Said This Week That Sound Like My Mother and/or Completely Bizarre:

Wait until your dad is home

I’m very disappointed

Leave the cat alone

Stop touching the flamingo’s

Don’t lick the fly screen

Dining chairs live at the dining table

Where did you get that spoon?

Leave Mummy’s belly button alone please

That’s enough toilet paper

Those underpants work really well as a scarf, darling

Yes, life certainly isn’t boring with a Little Man around.. well, maybe when he goes to bed!

Until next time,



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