Success doesn’t necessarily relate to money”

I’ve had a few people recently ask me for general blogging advice. I’m always really touched when someone asks me so I’ve had a think and put together this post for brand new bloggers. I also wrote another post a while back for absolute beginners – you can read it here.

If you are blogging in a capacity where you’re not too concerned about making money then you obviously have a lot more freedom to run things how you want. This includes posting when and how often you want and writing about any topics. You can basically treat it as a hobby or as a way to connect with family and friends. To treat it as a job and potentially earn an income is a little different. I’d suggest doing a lot of research, create a strategy with how you intend to run your blog and actually have the time to commit to some kind of a schedule.

What many people don’t realise is the time it takes to blog, especially at the start when you’re new to it. Tweaking your layout, learning the actions and trying to get things just so takes time.

I like to include images in my posts so I have to allow editing time, uploading and doing all that kind of jazz. Some posts can take me fifteen minutes but, if it’s a particularly emotional or difficult subject for me, I can work on it for weeks. Obviously it depends on your goals and reasons for starting a blog but it is something to keep in mind.

Either way, my starter advice is quite simple for a blogging newbie…


Don’t worry about the numbers so much at the start of your blogging life. At the beginning I checked stats so regularly it kind of hindered my writing. Now, I’m not saying don’t check them at all because that advice would be a bit silly. Stats are important but you need good, consistent content before they can become really noteworthy. All I’m saying is don’t become a slave to them to the point it inhibits your creativity.

This leads me to the social media aspect of blogging.

I find many new bloggers go in hard for social media followers but then have little interaction from them. My advice would be to not worry so much about the numbers game at the start and more about creating a genuine fan base. For example, my Readership has steadily increased over two years with many newer readers being people I don’t know. The interaction is consistently there and that makes me really happy. I love getting comments and messages and this is far more important to me than the number of followers I have on each social media thing. Yes I may not have a legion of “Likers” on Facebook but because my current fans are loyal the views on there are often in the thousands because they’re liking, commenting and sharing which in turn helps my content spread.

I believe a more sincere way of doing things is far more important than simply buying Likes through marketing. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather have an audience that actually reads my stuff and seems genuinely interested in what I’m putting out there any day of the week.


Whatever it is you blog about, remember that the internet can be a strange and scary place so think about whether you want to be completely known or anonymous. In saying that it can also be wonderfully supportive as communities are often created around particular subject matters. Personally I feel uncomfortable putting full-facial photos of my children on here but I know many others who are with it. That’s okay, it’s their choice. Just do what’s right for you.


This goes for copy and pasting someone’s blog posts in part or entirety, taking and using images without permission and generally using stuff that isn’t yours.

In the early days I did some decor posts where I used some images from IKEA and some other places, I clearly stated these with an Astrix and provided appropriate links. My aim was to be fully transparent enough to a reader so there was no assumption that they were my images. However, even this made me a little uncomfortable.

Even if your blog is a hobby it may pay to have a small disclaimer copyrighting your work and/or clearly stating it is yours and not to be reproduced. Unless of course you’re okay with that and just ask for links to your blog to be provided instead.

If you have any specific questions I’d be happy to attempt to answer them. There are no stupid questions and you can bet your life someone else will be wanting to know the answer too. Please check out my more in-depth post for absolute beginners by clicking here.

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