Well this week has been very sporty, indeed.

We’ve been alternating Saturday swim classes between the girls (because a parent needs to be in the water with them) for what seems like forever. Obviously Little Man couldn’t be left to his own devices so I stay at home with him and This Twin while Hubby takes That Twin swimming. As you guys know I try and work on a Saturday whether it’s been here on my blog or with my photography business, so I’ve been itching to get them moved up to the mid-week “big” pool class for a while now. Normally this happens around the age of two and they no longer need a parent with them. So, in short, the girls have finally gone up to the big pool (YAY!).

Hubbys heart is truly broken that his little girls no longer need him in the water. He looked at me as if I’d committed the ultimate betrayal by simply asking whether they were ready to move up after a recent class. He said he just wasn’t ready. I had to gently remind Michael that this is about the girls learning to swim, be safe in the water and ultimately follow the natural course of time by growing out of the baby pool.


He denies it, but I saw him tear up during a particularly emotional blackmail type of conversation where he repeatedly asked Copperhead and Little Red if they will miss him in the water. When they both replied no his bottom lip quivered. He’s also now refusing to take the side off LR’s cot and turn it into a toddler bed. Should I mention how he also tries to swaddle her in her bath towel every night?

Those are just a few of the cliched father-daughter relationship anecdotes I could tell you.


This week Little Man also started karate. We’re hoping it’ll help teach him a variety of things. Such as confidence, listening, focusing and being able to protect himself like a ninja turtle.

His sisters naturally got in on the action too, so we’ll probably enroll them after they’ve turned three. Michael has his first adult beginners class next week too. Before we met, he trained to green belt level – a fact I keep repeating because I think it’s so impressive. He told me it’s “only a green belt”, but when you say that to someone who doesn’t even have a belt then it sounds pretty awesome!

Another sporty-category type of thing we did was that I went to the gym. Before you start fist bumping me, let me say that it was just to ask some questions and check out the creche before signing up. I’m keen to start some classes again, namely body balance (a mixture of yoga and Pilates) and working up to Zumba. I’m conscious of my back because I still have a lot of problems with it so would like to work on strengthening my core first. Hopefully I can do the trial soon – once everyone else’s schedules are sorted!

It’s all very exciting, though!

And how was your week?

K x

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