This is just a quick one because I’ve been so busy with studying for my exam that’s in oh, about two weeks. Not that I’m counting down whist rocking in a corner biting my nails, you understand? I’ve also been busy swanning about looking at post boxes and debating between two brown paint colours for when the timber retaining walls are completed in our front garden.

To be honest I’m looking forward to when my folks arrive for their annual visit so I can put them to work in the garden and get The Mothership on the old sewing machine again. Did I tell you guys that Oscar ripped through the lace curtains with the pom poms that she had spent hours working on? No. Well, that’s about it really. Being the lazy person I am they actually stayed up for a few weeks until Little Man started swinging through the middle of the rip like some kind of Cirque du Soleil artist. Oscar meanwhile continued to look smug at his hunting prowess and ability to destroy anything I hold dear. On the bright side though they were only curtains and I know The Mothership is secretly pleased at the prospect of another challenge, that will include pom poms, obviously.

If you’ve been following the Garden Series (I mean, why wouldn’t you?) then you’ll also know that we have new gates – hoorah! I love them so much I feel that they deserve more blog time.

I’ve also been updating my other blog – that I’ve been neglecting but check it out if you’re into a bit of amateur photography.

And that’s about it, I’m about to prepare Little Man’s lunch and then I think we might go out to price up some plants and visit his grandparents because quite frankly his tantrums are getting to be too epic to stay in the house all day. I hear it’s just a phase and will end some time in his twenties….

Until next time,


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