Also entitled, Getting Ready to go to Playgroup.

Q: Can I have food? x74
Q: Are we going to playgroup? x32

One banana, apple, punnet of strawberries, several butter sandwiches and repeated confirmation that YES we are going to playgroup later…

Q: Can I have a yogurt?
Q: Are we going to playgroup?
Q: I like this yogurt, can I have another one?

During my private bathroom time…

Q: Mummy, are you weeing?
Q: When you get off the toilet, are we going to playgroup then?
Q: What are you doing?
Q: I can’t hear a big splash, are you okay?
Q: Can I go to the toilet?
Q: What’s wrong?
Q: Are we going to playgroup yet?

During my shower…

Q: Are you having a shower?
Q: Mummy, what are you doing?
Q: Are we going to playgroup today?
Q: My tummy is hungry, can it have more food?

Getting dressed…

Q: Mummy, what are those?


Q. Are we going to playgroup after you get dressed?
Q: Are my sisters coming?
Q: Can I wear my wellies (gum boots)?
Q: Mummy, where is my hat?
Q: When you put your shoes on, are we going to playgroup?

After excitedly loading up the car and talking at length about who will be there, we exit the driveway to finally go to playgroup. A moments silence…

Q: Mummy, where are we going?



Q: Are we going to the big shops?

*slowly turns the radio up*

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