I thought it was about time I did another one of these creepy yet popular posts.

* Written the evening of 15 January *

I was woken early by Oscar doing his alarm clock act and howling at the side of the bed bang on 6am. I tried to play dead by lying perfectly still and even held my breath so, to make sure I was OK, he jumped up, ran over my head and threw himself at my feet where he howled even louder.

I decided to admit defeat and slowly started to move my legs so I could get out of bed, it was at this moment that Oscar bit my foot. I know what you’re thinking, great start to the day right?

Since Little Man has been sleeping in until 7am I took the opportunity to get ready for the day. Oscar did not break eye contact the whole time I was in the shower. It was very unnerving, as you can imagine.

I walked to the kitchen with Oscar leading the way and flicked the kettle on all the while doing some kind of drunk-uncle-at-a-wedding-dance with Oscar walking between legs. I fed him his wet food, changed his water and topped up his biscuit bowl. LM started to stir so I went to get him up and do our normal routine of nappy change and looking out of the window. Not only was there a small (number 2) gift in his nappy, I also decided to trim his finger and toe nails with most of the cut offs pinging into my face. One hit my lip and thus concluded the stark reality of motherhood.

We then had breakfast, watched some Grand Designs (LM loves Kevin McCloud) and played until nap time.

After nap time, we went into my old work place to drop off some birthday party invitations and do a bit of socialising before coming home to lunch and another nap. Normally I take this time to, as the English say, have a good sit, relax a bit and possibly fall asleep – which I did until LM’s stirring woke me around 2:45pm.

I fed him his bottle and we went straight out to the shops to get some groceries. He loves the trolley and put his hands up in the air like he was on a roller coaster. LM also loves cheese and has it everyday so it was on my list, they didn’t have much of a variety so I ended up getting what can only be described as a brick of cheese. It’s bigger than LM’s head – you should have seen his eyes light up like it was Christmas morning! He also played up to the adoring masses and, as always, we received many compliments.

After getting home, preparing his tea and chatting to my folks on Skype, we played a bit when LM decided the perfect place to have his meltdown (to let me know he is done playing and is ready for his bath) was under the dining table. He refused to come out so I had no choice but to move the chairs and belly crawl under there to retrieve him.

Once his bath, me flattening his mad scientist hair and jammies dressing was done, we had some quiet time. Oddly quiet in fact until LM vomited all over himself, me, the sofa and my iPad. If he didn’t look at me afterwards with a big grin I might have been concerned but instead I hastily semi-cleaned everything up and put him to bed.

As I sit and write this I can hear the neighbours in their pool. Oscar had a little run about before lying awkwardly up against the corner of the wall. The bottles are clean, I can hear the sleep sheep still doing its thing and I’m pretty hungry so I’m off to make my tea.

And how was your day?

Until next time,



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