I know it amuses you guys when I do one of these posts, so here is another Day In The Life! Enjoy!


It all started with a text…

I got the usual “how is your day going?” text message from Hubby this morning. My reply? Well…

“Little Man is driving me mad. He kept flushing the toilet when I was in the shower and wrapped himself around my leg while I was walking about trying to get everyone ready. He keeps asking me for the chocolate muffins (that we baked yesterday) and I’m tempted to give him the box for five minutes of quiet. Hopefully he’ll sugar crash for several hours.”

Hubby replied that my genius plan could backfire and instead only fuel the boy until bedtime. To which I hastily replied that I was willing to risk it.

“The girls have joyfully learnt how to tandem cry. Have to go as we have swimming and Copperhead has just vomited everywhere requiring a complete outfit change. How is your morning going darling?”

During the minute of texting time Little Man insisted I take off my slippers (why?) and tugged and pulled until my ankle did this weird bendy thing that will probably make itself known when I’m carrying all three children (plus bags) up the stairs after swimming. He also stuck his finger in his sisters ear resulting in a very confused looking Little Red. It was actually the only time she really stopped crying this morning.

As I was putting my shoes on he appeared at my side, pointed his index finger about an inch from my face, and said “Mummy, what’s that?”

“It’s a bogey” was my deadpanned answer.

I suppose I should say I wouldn’t have it any other way and that I’m loving every minute of my day but you’know, why tell such obvious lies?

K x

Disclaimer for keyboard warriors: of course I wouldn’t really change a thing!


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