I’ve not done this for a while because I tend to forget to use my phone for all the menial things I get up to but I figured I’d at least give it a good go!

Well, I got up with Hubby, made him his coffee in his travel mug and my cuppa’ tea. Then I sat down to do some blogging and what not before Little Man woke. Oscar always joins me when I’m on my laptop. I’m actually surprised he isn’t lying on one of my hands!

When LM wakes he always picks which Peppa Pig yogurt he wants (by the picture!), then grabs me a spoon and him a spoon and we go and sit on the couch and call my folks on Skype.

95% of the time I’m either talking to an arm or someones forehead. You can see LM and I have cuddles though! Then I decided we would start proper potty training (post to follow shortly) and have a no nappy day. LM already uses the toilet for wees at certain times but I set up his potty in front of the TV in the hope we could start a conscious effort of using it all the time.

I made us some Vegemite on toast…

And after a morning of excitement, frustration, me yelling for him to push the poopy out and still no joy he went to bed exhausted and over an hour late and promptly passed out whilst “hiding” under his blankets.

Don’t worry, I went in to sort him out! Oscar slept through most of the drama of potty training… and our lunches which I forgot to capture.

I made myself my special treat of a lemon, lime and bitters with lemonade. Tends to make the babies dance…

I then realised I would finally have to empty my photos from my phone if I wanted to continue doing this. I’d been putting it off for months…

I made some calls to clarify appointments..

And hung out some washing. I know, absolutely thrilling day.

I then got on the sofa and watched something light and easy whilst looking at real estate and relaxing.

It was freaking hot so I put the fan on (wow, are you really bored yet?)

And then I put on the air con but didn’t get a picture of my finger pressing the button. Next time folks, I promise!

Some time went by, I napped, Hubby came home and took LM to the beach. On their return I had some cuddle time with LM whilst The Hubster made tea…

After tea it was time for no nappy time and a play in the garden. This is shortly before a big toilet related accident occurred on the deck.

Then it was an early shower time for the both of my boys and during quiet time we watched some baby videos of LM on my iPad – after I captured this awesome double rainbow that is.

And then, like every night, once LM catches the night train to bed (on Hubby’s back), and goes past the first stop of “Kiss Mummy Station”, we watch Longmire while Oscar sleeps up against the babies. I also had ice cream!

And that was my day. Boring to some, perfect to me.


Until next time,



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