I’d be lying if I said the thought of the girls sleeping in their own room tonight isn’t playing on my mind.


Coping with change isn’t a great strength of mine but when it comes to kids getting bigger and growing up it’s simply unavoidable.

They need to move into their big cots, I know that, Naomi is practically sleeping diagonally, corner to corner, in order to fit in her bassinet. And I can’t deny that I’m not excited to have our bedroom back, to be able to read in bed at night with the light on instead of creeping in and going straight to sleep.

It’s just, I dunno’… A big thing. A milestone I don’t quite feel ready for. But I know that with change something beautiful also happens. A new stage in our lives begins, just because it’s the end of one chapter doesn’t mean it’s not the start of something wonderfully different. I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m sad and I’m everything in between. Such is life when you have a baby I suppose. K x

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